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Forestry Trailer with Crane

GP Forestry Trailer- Spikemaster 1000
with GD Crane

Operated from the tractor seat without tools.
A new haulage trailer with a hydraulic, continuously adjustable bogie axle chassis that can be operated from the tractor seat without tools.
TYPEGP 8 D*GP 10 DGP 12 DGP 15 D*
Load Capacity (kg)8.00010.00012.00015.000
Central Beams2/180x100x62/200x100x62/200x100x82/250x150x6
Loading Length (mm)3.7004.1004.1004.350
Total Length/Width (mm)5.980/2.1206.350/21206.470/2.2806.700/2.520
Weight (kg)1105141017302685
Wheels 400/60-15,5 ; 18 Layer Tiresstandardstandardstandard/
Wheels 500/50-17 ; 18 Layer Tires/optionaloptionalstandard
Wheels 550/45-22,5 ; 18 Layer Tires///optional
No of Frame Steering Cylinders2222
Drawbar Angle+,- 40 °+,- 40 °+,- 40 °+,- 40 °
Hydraulic Brakes on All 4 Wheelsstandardstandardstandardstandard
Pneumatic Brakes on All 4 Wheelsoptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
4WD Roller Drive between Wheelsoptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
2WD Inner Drum Driveoptional (BB4)optional (BB4)optional (BB5)optional (BB5)
Stakes (Pair)4444
Loading Area Extensionstandardstandardstandardstandard
Hydraulic Frame Settingstandardstandardstandardstandard
LED Rear Lightsstandardstandardstandardstandard
Hand Brakeoptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
Additional Stakesoptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
TYPEGD 5,4 K*GD 6,4 KGD 7,4 KGD 8,4 K
Reach max. / with Rotator (m)5,4 / 5, 9
6,4 / 7,07,4 / 8,08,4 / 9,0
Lifting Torque gross (kNm)52566874
Lifting Capacity at 4 m with Grab1050125014501550
Lifting Capacity at max. Reach8009001000900
Slew Torque11182222
Slewing Angle370°370°370°370°
Slew Cylinders2444
Crane Rotating Gear in Oil Bathstandardstandardstandardstandard
Support Legs (A or "flap down" by choice)standardstandardstandardstandard
Rotator 30 kNstandard///
Rotator 45 kNoptionalstandardstandardstandard
Rotator 55 kN/optionaloptionaloptional
Grab GR 110standardoptionaloptionaloptional
Grab GR 130optionalstandardstandardstandard
Grab GR 150//optionaloptional
Self Sufficient Hydraulic System with Pumpstandardstandardstandardstandard
System Pressure (bar)200200215215
Oil Cooleroptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
Oil Quantity in Tank (l)80808080
3 Point Linkagestandardstandardstandardstandard
Weight (kg)820113015001600
Control with Mechanical Joysticksstandardstandardstandardstandard
Control with El.-Hydraulic Joysticksoptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
Control with Prop.- Electrical Joysticksoptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
Radio Remote Control (optional with el. Joystick)optionaloptionaloptionaloptional
Telescopic Stages/112
Operational LED Lightsoptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
1 t Hydraulic Winchoptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
1.8 t Hydraulic Winchoptionaloptionaloptionaloptional



GP Forestry Trailer - Spikemaster 1000 with GD Crane


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